Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 29 - Clean bricks and locked out

Coming up to the 'home' stretch now :) Everything is all locked up and for the first time ever we can't get in....Even though we couldn't get in, it was good to see that the house looks like now all the bricks have been acid washed...really does make a big difference!

Bring on PCI!

Week 28 - Splash back and comfy floors

All righty then.....this time its daylight and you can have a much better look at how things are shaping up. Of note this week is the carpets and it makes a big difference! If I thought it was great to take my shoes off and walk around....imagine how much the dog is going to love it!

The splash back also went in and looks great, really happy with the colour as its the first splash (sorry bad pun) of colour to the inside of the house and gives us a good idea for some feature walls. The eagle eyes among you will also notice the power has been connected....just hope I'm not the one paying for it ;)

Powder disco mirror
Mmmm carpet
Bring on purple

Week 27 - Fix me up

Well you will have to forgive the darkness of these photos...I only had my phone on me and it was getting late by the time we got out to the house. We had some significant progress this week with most of the fixings in place . It was really nice to see all the shelving that had gone in as it really helps the house feel a lot more complete. Having the lights go in was also a nice surprise (even if they are the dodgy looking ones ;)

Robe fit-out
Dorky lights
En-suite all done
I want to get dirty just so I can have a shower!
Activity room cupboards
Now the sink is useful

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 26 - Mirrors -- srorriM - 62 keeW

This week we had to head out to the block mid-week so there wasn't much of a chance for things to get done....they did however get a chance to get all the mirrors in :o)



Week 25 - Stuck in the middle with you...the story of grout

So this week the tiler finished up by grouting all the tiles around the house. I don't envy his job but I am happy with the work he has done :)

Laundry tiles

Disco powder room

Floor tiles with slate grey grout

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 24 - Goodbye scaffolding, hello sunshine

Now that the rain has cleared up, it was a pleasure to head out to the block with sunny blue sky :)
Once out there, the first thing that we noticed is that the scaffolding has been taken down. This was a great feeling as it gave us a chance to finally get a feel for how much of a yard we will have. It also gave us a better look at some of the brick work :o)

To top it all off the tiler has been busy and almost finished laying all the tiles, the grout will be next but am really happy with the speed at which these tiles have gone down!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 23 - Tell me a tail of tiles...

The painting has now finished and the tiler has been busy tiling the bathrooms (and laundry). All in all it looks like he is doing a good job and its good to see what colours we chose as I had pretty much forgotten until we saw them :)

We were also pleasantly surprised to see that the work on the balcony has resumed, as well as the rendering....

Laundry tiles

Powder room tiles

En-suite tiles

More en-suite tiles

And more again..

Painting finished

Porch is taking even more shape