Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 13 - We have power

Yay, the most exciting part of the house is happening, cables, power, tubes, all things power related have started. I know that everybody says these things, but I just can't believe how quickly things are getting done....really loving heading out each week to see what's new!

Not sure what this power point is for ;)

mmmmm cables

As Jeremy Clarkson would say, "more power!"

Uncomfortable bath...

Ceiling snakes

Scaffolding Returns - the sequel

Week 12 - Busy brickies

So, there have been some busy brickies this week! The have managed to finish one side of the garage and have done a heap at the front of the house! Also some more deliveries this week, getting ready for the plaster fit :) Getting really exciting now as things are taking shape!

Ducted vacuum point

Plaster delivery

Front door goes in

The first completed wall, a milestone indeed!

The front takes shape

Week 11 - The tradies have been busy

Well it looks like the lunch worked last week cause both the brickies and plumber have been busy over the past week. Bricks are about head height all the way around and from what I can tell, the plumbing is mostly all done!

Balcony drainage..

Anyone order some bricks?

Brick graveyard

Pipes for the rainwater tank

Front door frame goes in

Week 10 - Wrap me up

Had a scheduled meeting with the site supervisor this week, which went well. Was not only good to put a face to the name, it also meant that we were able to have a look around upstairs which was a real treat. In the name of progress, the wrapping has started to go on as well as the bricking starting.If that was not enough, the plumber was there putting in the internal pipes and drains etc. Was so happy with all the progress, bought the tradies some lunch as a thank you :)

The man cave takes shape

The balcony

Our first look upstairs

More upstairs

And the bricking begins...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 9 - At least we have a roof above our heads...

Another week, another chunk of progress and the house takes even more shape! This week we were treated to a roof :) The railing for the guttering had also been removed so it was nice to see the house without that :)

Oh and what else was there....some bricks! Happy Days :o)

Week 8 - Frame pretty much complete

It has been a wet week (and a wet day to visit the block) but it was nice to see some more good progress, the frame has pretty much been completed just some small things to do. Guttering seems to be pretty much complete and some more windows have gone in. One small surprise was to see the roof tiles have been delieved....yay :)

They look like roof tiles to me :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 7 - Nearing frame completion

Mum was over on the weekend so took her out to see the progress and a lot has happened in a week. The frame is just about complete and the windows and guttering have started to be installed. The roof rails have also been installed so I can only assume the roof is soon to come.

Guttering has started

Windows have started going in

Laundry door is in

Week 6 - Up goes the second storey

Can't believe how quickly things are going up now! Not only has a lot of the second storey been done but the roof trusses are up there too :o)

Second Storey

It was also interesting to notice that Delfin have bought in a lot of dirt to the rear of the block, looks like we might be getting some neighbours at the back in future:

Week 5 - First floor frame nearing completion

Jewelz's family was down for the the classic car show, took the opportunity to take them to see the block and we were happy to see the first floor is almost complete :)

Wood & wood

More wood

The beginnings of a floor

First floor :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 4 - A skeleton emerges...

Things are really starting to move now, visited over the weekend and
expected just the beginnings of the frame to be there but found that
lot of the first floor has been put in place.
Was also surprised to see the windows here already, not sure when they
go in but they were doing a good job of holding the rain :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 3 - We have a slab!

During the week we were told that the slab had been poured and were keen to get out there and check it out. Went out there on a a nice Sunday afternoon and as promised, we have concrete!!!

Our first guest

I am no builder, but I must admit it looks like they have done a very nice job...very smooth and nice edges :) So from my point of view we are off to a great start!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 2 - Pipes n holes

Well now that things have started they are moving along rather quickly....

Drains are in 

Piering hole

More piering holes

Week 1 - Site Scrape...

Well after all the trouble with rubbish its all now sorted and officially not my problem :) yay! It has begun!

Doesn't it look nice again :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rubbish gone

Well I headed out to the block on what just happened to be one of the windiest, rainiest days of the year!

With each trudge through the mud to the rubbish pile I was getting angrier and more frustrated with whoever it was that dumped the rubbish. As time dragged on the piles of plasterboard were getting soaked by the rain, each time I went to pickup a plank, it just was not a fun job by any means.

By the time I managed to load the trailer I was soaked through (time to invest in a better rain jacket), unfortunately this was the only load I had time for before the tip closed :( There was still rubbish left on the block, but with the tip closed, there was no more I could a way this worked out well, as I was in no mood to keep going!

Jewelz organised a rubbish removal company to come on Tuesday morning, they were friendly and happy to help which was surprising, although I found out why when they had finished and told me how much they charged ;)

They were able to remove all rubbish except for that stubborn block of concrete, they attempted with a sledgehammer where I had failed....and failed also. They tried to approach some guys doing roadwork to help, but surprise surprise, didn't want to help. So all but the concrete block is left, we will just have to cross our fingers and hope that's not an issue.

Anyway, time to put the rubbish behind us, time to move onto site start!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Site start is booked!

Time to get out to the block and clear up some rubbish...

Got an email from our CLE yesterday and site start has been booked for the 10th of September....Woohoo!


I went out to the block one day (familiar story?) to find out that someone thought we had a shortage of dirt, they took it upon themselves to donate some of theirs ;)

To cut a long story short I found out it was the builders across the road who had dumped the soil following site scrape. I was able to get the contact details of the owners of the block.

They provided me with the name of the builder but alas, all my phone calls and voicemail messages remained unanswered. As my site scrape is happening in a week, I got all psyched about getting a skip, going out there and clearing all the soil, then I found out you need a permit for a skip *sigh*

Hmmmm....I was supposed to be cutting this story short....anyway...

One last desperate attempt to call the owners to try and find a different contact number for the builder, but again voicemail...


Today I got a call from the owner, they have spoken with the builder and he is going to be removing all the soil today or tomorrow.

If I knew my neighbours, I could kiss them :o)

It is nice of them to help me out, its not really their issue, its between their builder and me, but I am glad they decided to help!


Sooooo I bought a sledge hammer and went out to the block the other day to start smashing up the concrete that magically appeared on the block....I think I kind of underestimated what is required ;)

It was hard work and I only got half way through it....I had reached the core of the concrete and no sledge hammer was going to cut it....and besides, the concrete fragments I had in my eye were starting to hurt..

Fast forward two bottles of anti-biotic eye drops later and I thought I might have success in getting the builder that actually dumped the concrete to move it....

------ Time passes

Nope, seems they claim they saw one of the builders 'over the road' come and dump it on my land....

interesting that none of my photos show the  properties 'over the road' with fresh concrete....

interesting to see the colour of the concrete under the driveway seems to match the concrete on my yard....

interesting to see no concrete before the driveway was done

and voila, like magic concrete appears after the driveway was done....hmmmm

I in no way blame my neighbours for would just be nice if the builders owned up to it and just got rid of their mess...or better still, don't dump it in the first place!