Monday, August 23, 2010

Colour Selection

Here are a couple of pictures to show the colours chosen for the house, I will try and describe it as best as possible ;) This list is a bit of a work in progress until I can go through the colour please ignore any mistakes ;)

Roof Tiles: 
Barramundi in Traditional profile (its the wavy looking thing at the top of the pic)
Render 1: 
....... which will be used for the feature render on the big square thing on the facade (The purple colour)
Render 2: 
....... which will be used for all other rendered sections (the white colour in from of the purple)
Victoria Blue (in the picture they are underneath everything else)
(The white colourbond circle on top of render 1)
Monument (The grey rectangle under the roof tile)
Garage door: 
(The grey colourbond rectangle on top of the bricks)
Front door: 
(The white dulux rectangle on top of the bricks)

Floor Tiles: 
Shale Grey (They grey looking thing at the bottom of the pic)
Floor Grout:
Grey (not shown in pic)
Grey (The grey looking carpet in the middle of the pic)
Bathroom tiles:
Gloss white (White tile on left of pic)
Spa and bath tiles: 
Gloss black (black tile on left of pic...although this has since been made gloss)
Bathroom feature tiles: 
Listelo Velocity (The silver and black tiles on the right of the pic)
Powder room feature tiles: 
Ice Platinum Gloss (The silver mosaic tiles)

The House

So I realised I haven't put a picture of what the house will look like, so here is a picture from the builders website. Just imagine it mirrored as our garage will be on the right hand side :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


Who would have thought that choosing bricks would be so difficult!

Originally we were going to go with Nougat but had heard some conflicting stories, so we decided not to go ahead with them.

As a replacement we were planning on going with Ash as it was a similar colour to the Nougat.

But we were still not sure what to do as we had always liked the darker bricks but just never thought we would have the budget to go with them. I had heard from someone that it is super important to be happy with your brick choice as you will be looking at them every day. So while in the colour appointment, we got some quotes on bricks...found out some of them weren't as bad as we thought and ended up choosing Victoria Blue:

Builder Decided

So after a number of changes of builder and home designs, we finally decided on a builder. All the display homes we saw were very nice and not over the top, they gave a good representation of what you will actually end up with. We also liked the fact that they provided a list of everything (inc. price) that was not standard in the display home.

Sales staff we always helpful and followed up on all our the decision came down to a combination price, quality and service....and of course, we found a house we liked ;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010