Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 9 - At least we have a roof above our heads...

Another week, another chunk of progress and the house takes even more shape! This week we were treated to a roof :) The railing for the guttering had also been removed so it was nice to see the house without that :)

Oh and what else was there....some bricks! Happy Days :o)

Week 8 - Frame pretty much complete

It has been a wet week (and a wet day to visit the block) but it was nice to see some more good progress, the frame has pretty much been completed just some small things to do. Guttering seems to be pretty much complete and some more windows have gone in. One small surprise was to see the roof tiles have been delieved....yay :)

They look like roof tiles to me :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 7 - Nearing frame completion

Mum was over on the weekend so took her out to see the progress and a lot has happened in a week. The frame is just about complete and the windows and guttering have started to be installed. The roof rails have also been installed so I can only assume the roof is soon to come.

Guttering has started

Windows have started going in

Laundry door is in

Week 6 - Up goes the second storey

Can't believe how quickly things are going up now! Not only has a lot of the second storey been done but the roof trusses are up there too :o)

Second Storey

It was also interesting to notice that Delfin have bought in a lot of dirt to the rear of the block, looks like we might be getting some neighbours at the back in future:

Week 5 - First floor frame nearing completion

Jewelz's family was down for the the classic car show, took the opportunity to take them to see the block and we were happy to see the first floor is almost complete :)

Wood & wood

More wood

The beginnings of a floor

First floor :)