Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 13 - We have power

Yay, the most exciting part of the house is happening, cables, power, tubes, all things power related have started. I know that everybody says these things, but I just can't believe how quickly things are getting done....really loving heading out each week to see what's new!

Not sure what this power point is for ;)

mmmmm cables

As Jeremy Clarkson would say, "more power!"

Uncomfortable bath...

Ceiling snakes

Scaffolding Returns - the sequel

Week 12 - Busy brickies

So, there have been some busy brickies this week! The have managed to finish one side of the garage and have done a heap at the front of the house! Also some more deliveries this week, getting ready for the plaster fit :) Getting really exciting now as things are taking shape!

Ducted vacuum point

Plaster delivery

Front door goes in

The first completed wall, a milestone indeed!

The front takes shape

Week 11 - The tradies have been busy

Well it looks like the lunch worked last week cause both the brickies and plumber have been busy over the past week. Bricks are about head height all the way around and from what I can tell, the plumbing is mostly all done!

Balcony drainage..

Anyone order some bricks?

Brick graveyard

Pipes for the rainwater tank

Front door frame goes in

Week 10 - Wrap me up

Had a scheduled meeting with the site supervisor this week, which went well. Was not only good to put a face to the name, it also meant that we were able to have a look around upstairs which was a real treat. In the name of progress, the wrapping has started to go on as well as the bricking starting.If that was not enough, the plumber was there putting in the internal pipes and drains etc. Was so happy with all the progress, bought the tradies some lunch as a thank you :)

The man cave takes shape

The balcony

Our first look upstairs

More upstairs

And the bricking begins...