Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 18 - I thought they were resting over Christmas?

Ok, so I had the expectation that they would take a significant break over Christmas so we didn't bother heading out for a few weeks....

Turns out I was wrong and they have been going crazy! Not only have they plastered inside, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are all being installed. The weather boards have gone up at the back, so all that is left for outside is for the balcony to be finished and the cladding, render etc. then a quick acid wash and all will be done :)

I guess some pictures will tell a thousand words in regards to the here they are:

Weatherboards are up

Plaster is in

Kitchen is in

Island bench is there

Stairs are in

En-suite cabinets are in

Plaster upstairs

Bathroom sink and cabinet

Kitchen from another angle..

And from another...

Week 15 - I never thought I would be so happy to have padded walls

Well here we are, the end of one year and the beginning of another. If nothing else, this has meant that we can start saying the new place will be finished 'this year' instead of next year :)

Thanks to Christmas school holidays boredom must have set in for the kids in the area, they managed to break in (by break in I mean, walk in the unlocked door) and smash a couple of windows and also tag the plaster that had been delivered. Not the best thing to walk into but I can understand why they do it....I'm just thankful they didn't cause any other damage.

Besides that, the house has been covered with insulation, both in the ceiling and the walls :) the bricks have all finished and the heating / cooling unit installed (albeit with a decent dint in the side. All in all, good progress in 2010, and I'm looking forward to 2011!

Thank you vandals...

Getting ready for plaster

View from the back

Ahh padded walls

The porch coming together