Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 23 - Tell me a tail of tiles...

The painting has now finished and the tiler has been busy tiling the bathrooms (and laundry). All in all it looks like he is doing a good job and its good to see what colours we chose as I had pretty much forgotten until we saw them :)

We were also pleasantly surprised to see that the work on the balcony has resumed, as well as the rendering....

Laundry tiles

Powder room tiles

En-suite tiles

More en-suite tiles

And more again..

Painting finished

Porch is taking even more shape

Week 22 - Replacement ceiling

Good news, the rain damaged ceiling in the garage has now been replaced :)

To make things even better the painting has also been started (and almost finished) and skirting boards put in!

So things look like they are right back on track :)

The old ceiling

The new ceiling

Painting has begun..
More painting...

Week 21 - Plaster, patching and waterproofing

Not a great deal to report this week, weather is still lousy...however there are three things of note:

1. Plaster on the side of the stairs
2. Rumpus ceiling repaired
3. Showers have been waterproofed

That is all....for now :)

Week 20 - And then it rained....

So we had some freakish rain this week which dampened our sprits (pardon the pun ;) and put a bit of a hole in the garage roof :( My guess is it was probably that cracked roof tile...what do you think? ;) We both agreed that its probably better that this happened now rather than after we move in, so in a way it was kind of a good thing :) Regardless of that, it could have always been worse....

In good news, the benchtops have all arrived and been fitted, along with the sinks and basins....

Oh and our landscaping (read: weeds) are busy making the lawn look green :P

Poor little garage roof

I wonder where the leak came from...


En-suite sinks are in

Bench-tops have arrived

Powder room

Who needs landscaping?