Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 23 - Tell me a tail of tiles...

The painting has now finished and the tiler has been busy tiling the bathrooms (and laundry). All in all it looks like he is doing a good job and its good to see what colours we chose as I had pretty much forgotten until we saw them :)

We were also pleasantly surprised to see that the work on the balcony has resumed, as well as the rendering....

Laundry tiles

Powder room tiles

En-suite tiles

More en-suite tiles

And more again..

Painting finished

Porch is taking even more shape


  1. Hi Heath n Jewelz. I am very interested in following your blog but everytime I open it all I see is the dark background which makes it hard for me to read the text. The good thing is you've got photos to show the progress of your build, so, am happy with that. You're house is really looking fantastic, can't wait to see the completion.

  2. Hi Flipflop :) Glad to hear you have been enjoying the blog...I have tried to change things around a little, hope this helps the display issues for you :)

    Good luck with your build also!